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Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling & Coaching in Ealing with Laëtitia Kerneur

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“PSYCHOSYNTHESIS & BEYOND” BLOG - Reflections and Practical Exercises

Here is a simple yet powerful little exercise to strengthen the connection to your own inner wisdom - and to receive “quick`and effective daily guidance:

Take a few deep breaths and feel your attention settling into your heart centre. You then imagine a closed golden lotus flower. As you breathe into it, it reveals an electric blue centre. The flower gently opens and you notice the image of a wise being emerging out the blue light. Trust the first image - or sensation of it if you are not ‘visual’. Be curious about the qualities of this wise being and simply dwell in their presence for a little while. Once ready, allow yourself to ask them a question and notice an answer being revealed to you verbally or symbolically. If nothing comes in the moment, trust that later synchronicities will probably arise. Let go and rest in the wise being’s presence once more and become aware their qualities you see in them are also in you. Thank them and say goodbye. Come back into your body’s presence via taking 3 deep breaths.
It’s always a good idea to jot down a few notes afterwards and have a good little stretch before returning to your daily business.

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