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Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling & Coaching in Ealing with Laëtitia Kerneur

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What is Psychosynthesis Counselling?

Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual therapeutic psychology developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli last century. This often coined, “Psychology with a Soul”, is holistic in nature in that it includes mind, heart, body and spirit. It is therefore perfectly and adequately designed to work with and unlock most psychological and spiritual concerns an individual brings to the therapy room - Counselling or Coaching.
It is especially concerned with recovering the human potential hidden within trauma. In other words, it acknowledges and works with pain and suffering while supporting the individual's inherent call for growth, health and well-being.
Psychosynthesis therefore stresses that each person's inherent positive qualities can be strenghtened and used to help cope with life's challenges.

“ We don’t get wounded alone and we don’t heal alone”.

Carl Jung

My counselling approach:

In my work, I use both my psychological and spiritual understanding as well as my extensive experience to perceive the individual in an intuitive way rather than make definitive interpretations.

I see my work as a counsellor to provide an empathic listening space whereby clients can safely explore their inner landscape and their life’s concerns alongside my support and guidance. This often thus leads to an opening of new horizons for my clients, a “new vision” for their life ahead.
Such space also offers an opportunity to explore:
  • Your past - family history and psychological/cultural inheritance that influenced your childhood that is very possibly affecting youR current life.
  • Your present - relationships, work, depression, anxiety, creative blocks, addictions, burn-out, sexuality, spirituality et cetera.
  • Your future - hopes and fears as well as goals and ambitions - all in the realm of the personal, transpersonal and the collective .

    To assist the above explorations, I will at times introduce you to powerful yet gentle psycho- energetic exercises and techniques whose roots are found in both western psychologies and eastern philosophies. They do help my clients have a deeper aerial view of the current conflict they are experiencing.

    These exercises can come in the form of visualisations, gestalt role-play, art-therapy, reflective written work, mindfulness meditations, relaxation breathing exercises and even body movement. They all help harnessing one’s potential for healing and self-transformation as well as helping access one’s essential inner wisdom.
    Note, however, that I ensure I use these exercises wisely in accordance with my clients’s needs and their personality types. Indeed, the process and healing contingent of Counselling therapy is especially influenced by the empathic therapeutic relationship between my clients and myself as the Counsellor.

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